Establish a way in which we could recognise the important service contributions of the more than 1,000 employees across Lawrence & Hanson. Every day, L&H staff had been producing excellent examples of going above and beyond the call of duty to provide the service their customers were looking for. The problem? Only the customer and the staff member knew about it. Our challenge was to “tell the world” and in doing so, encourage electricians to choose L&H as their preferred wholesaler.



Encourage the typically modest members of L&H staff to share their customer service stories so that we can assist in promoting their branch, the brand and build a strong benchmark for service across the industry.



An internal promotion that yielded over 150 excellent examples of customer service. This was then filtered down to 13 specific examples which were filmed and utilised within a Facebook campaign where we asked customers to “rate our service”. The Facebook page received over 9,000 hits in 4 weeks along with a raft of supportive comments and interactions across the business. This campaign has now become the benchmark for demonstrating the service L&H provides to its customers across the electrical industry.





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